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Hello!!  And welcome to the obligatory About Me page!  I am so glad you made it this far into your website search that you can finally see what all the fuss is about!  I'll assume that so far you like what you see and want to know just a little bit about the wild and crazy photographer you are about to hire, right?  How am I doing so far??  Well, I won't keep you in suspense, let's dive right on and get to know each other a little bit!!

Patriotic!  I'll tell you, 24 years is a long time to have the same career, whether you enjoy every day and "Live the dream" or not, right?  Well, I haven't been a pro photographer for 24 years, but I did serve in the Air Force for that long, so you could say I'm pretty Patriotic.  I love the United States and proudly display her flag on the front of my house.  I did happen to have a camera pretty much everywhere the Air Force sent me, so I've built up a pretty good collection of travel photos.  How does taking great travel photos convert into taking great family photos?  Well I have...

Confidence!  I've always had the ability to walk into any situation and handle it like a pro.  I'll take on any challenge and own it.  Whether it's wearing a crazy Christmas suit to work for ugly sweater day, or shooting your photos with an awesome sunset back-lighting you, I won't give up because the situation is challenging.  With many beautiful locations to photograph you here on the lovely emerald coast, it gives me a chance to be an...


2017 NWF Collegiate High School Prom


Taking school pictures in Germany in 2016

Adventurist!  I've been all around the world, stationed in 3 different countries, and traveled to many more.  I am always searching for the next best location that you would love to be photographed at.  From the beaches of Destin, the Ft Walton Beach Landing, Twin Hills Park, and everywhere in between, every location gives a unique look.  If you have a favorite location you are in love with, I would be more than willing to shoot you there too!   I am always open to your suggestions.  There is no problem big or small that we can't figure out because I am a master...

Problem solver!  Having been an aircraft maintainer for so long, I'm used to solving problems of various magnitude. That's great, you might say, but how does this help ME?  Go on, ask away, I'll be waiting.  Okay, great question!  What we'll do together is create your perfect photo session, and take many amazing pictures you will want to cherish and look at for years to come.  After that, we will figure out all the best places to display these images in your home, so that you can proudly show them off to friends and family every time you open your doors to welcome them in.  You will have a warm, happy, loving home filled with amazing photographs of your family!

Away from my camera, I am married to my lovely wife Lindsey, and we have a beautiful daughter, Holly, who is studying in college now.  Originally from Pittsburgh, PA I am an avid Steelers fan, but my main sport is hockey and I watch the Penguins every chance I get.  I grew up listening to all the "Classic Rock" music from the 70's and 80's with Led Zeppelin as my favorite band of all time.  I collected comic books and baseball cards and even built plenty of Star Trek models in my younger years.  

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I'd love to hear form you! You can find me on Instagram, send me a short message using my contact page, or call me at 850-398-0963 to set up an appointment. You can also follow Daniel Simmons Photography on Facebook to get all the latest and greatest updates and information!