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Like having eyes in the back of my head!

"Dan, check that out! You don't want to miss this!" I had heard that all day from one of Patrick's best friends, Sean.  He was like the eyes in the back of my head, seeing moments and opportunities that I would have missed because I was looking at something else. Every wedding photographer needs a Sean to help them out! I was luck to have him on that beautiful day in October!

 This time, what he was pointing out was a spectacular moon rise just over the horizon. I knew the moon was coming up soon, but I couldn't have predicted what was about to unfold. The moon was a brilliant orange, not quite full, but it looked big on the horizon over the bay. I had planned on taking a couple pictures with the moon in the background and the stars overhead, but this was just too good to pass up! I knew the orange color would only last a few minutes, but I had to quickly move into overdrive! I sent Sean to grab Pat and Miranda while I set up my camera and tripod. Since I have a lot of experience with long exposure landscapes, I knew what my camera settings had to be. As the bride and groom made their way over to the couch I set up on the beach, I told them my plan and they were excited for the opportunity! I told them to hold still and I counted down the seconds.

 Patrick and Miranda had a beautiful day for a wedding. They couldn't have picked a better location, and were surrounded by the most wonderful people. Miranda had family fly all the way from the UK for her special day, and my job was to capture the beauty of it all. It is truly an honor to be asked to photograph one of the most important days in someone's life. But capturing the essence of it all is much more than just 2 people. There are moments and laughs and tears that must be captured as well. They can't be everywhere, so my job is to freeze many moments in time throughout the day that will have special meaning when they look back on everything.  

These 2 moments come to mind. When you have awesome kids who are dressed up and are not camera shy, you get smiles without the "Cheese" look! And when a niece wants a special moment with her aunt, who pointed out the opportunity for this one? Sean! Of course! One of the many moments he saw would make a great shot. I was taking pictures of Patrick when he tapped me on the shoulder just as she stopped to talk to her. 

A tender moment between sisters is always a moment that has to be captured, as well as moms and dads, aunts uncles, cousins...You get the idea! All these moments make up a day, and our job is capturing it all! When the butterflies settle, the reception is over, and life starts to get back to normal, and the happy couple can take a breath and relax from all the planning, the anticipation, probably arguments about some little thing they don't even remember! Our job is to take all those moments, package them up, and tell them the story of THEIR day in a way that they didn't get a chance to. 

So, for your wedding, make sure you hire a photographer that is dedicated to telling the story of YOUR day, with your friends and family, in a way that you want to remember it. You only get one chance for a FIRST kiss, FIRST dance, and truly exceptional photographs will tell YOUR story for years to come. Don't settle for anything less than top notch. Daniel Simmons Photography will be there to tell YOUR story.

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