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Adding a frame to your portraits

Over the holidays, I'm sure many families got together and took a lot of memorable photographs to "Capture the moment," and that's GREAT! It's times like these that usually produce the moments people want to cherish for a lifetime. Your baby's first Christmas. Grandparents vising the beach for the first time. Seeing an aunt and uncle for the first time in many years. The Crestview community is blessed to have many military families here, and many chose to go "Home" for the holidays, and other's stay local. Whether you had a professional photographer take family portraits, or took a bunch of "selfies," please don't forget to get prints made! Digital pictures will last a while, but what happens when your phone dies? Or your hard drive crashes? Or you don't have a CD reader in your computer anymore? Those memories could be lost forever. If you are lost when it comes to printing your pictures, I would be more than happy to help!

I am happy to say that I had a family photography session in December and they purchased a beautiful 16x24" framed print. It looks magnificient! The framer I use is local, and does a great job. You can tell the workmanship is there by looking at the corners. They are tight and welll put together.

The framed prints come ready to hang with wire, not a little hook or something like you would find on a cheap frame. These are set up to last a lifetime, and specifically for the weight they need to hold.

Finally, a large framed print can be the perfect centerpiece for a unique wall gallery to showcase off the best prints you purchase. So, whether youa re looking for a special senior photographer, family photographer, or just advice on how to print your pictures, I am willing to work with you to make your experience a unique and fulfilling one!

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