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October 12, 2017

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March 30, 2019

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November 2, 2017

More people are taking pictures now than any time in history, yet destroying their heritage without even realizing it.


I have to admit, I love technology.  In so many ways technology has made our lives easier, simple task faster, and created ways to communicate so much better than ever imagines even 10 years ago.  We have apps on our phones to order food, apps to hire a car to bring us places, and apps to video chat in real time to people around the world for free.  The biggest app used on your phone is the camera though.  Selfies abound, and more people are taking pictures with their camera at family gatherings and get-together's than ever before.  But, what happens to all those digital photos?



Digital images are great for sharing with friends and family, and perfect for the "Now Factor" that has taken hold of society.  People want more "Likes" on their Facebook posts, Instagram shares, and Twitter tweets.  But what happens to all those posts and pictures after a few days?  They may get lots of clicks, but eventually the move down the news feeds and become forgotten about.  And this is where the problem come in.  The images are never printed and saved to be hung up and cherished for a long period of time.  While social media can give us the instant gratification of sharing our images, to be truly appreciated, your photos should be displayed!




I saw this in one of my group's news feeds and though it was worth writing a short blog about, because it speaks volumes.  Especially these days, with kids shooting each other over a simple disagreement, committing suicide because they feel worthless and hopeless, bullied and worse.  As I look at other photographer's websites and look at the services they offer, 99% only offer digital images on a CD or USB drive, and that is a disservice to their customers.  As a professional photographer, I want my images to be displayed BIG!  I want my customers to have 20 x 30" wall art hanging on their walls!  I want kids to have their pictures in their rooms!  Big 16 x 24" canvas, metals, or wood pictures to show off!  A typical USB is only 1 x 2" and takes up very little room.  Think about how many pictures you have on your phone right now.  Or computer hard drive.  Or in the "cloud."  How many people can see them on a daily basis?  How can you display all those 1's and 0's for people to see?  


Professional photography services are a luxury expenditure, but it isn't just for rich people, or those more well-off than others.  People who VALUE the products and services will truly appreciate it's worth and and find a way to budget for it.  Everyone values something, and not others.  I, for example, do not value eating out at fancy, expensive restaurants.  I also don't value paying $800/month for the best, fastest, and most luxurious vehicle.  But I DO value having wall art hanging up to display that will be around for DECADES.  Think about that for a moment.  




Right now, people are spending over $1000 for the newest iPhone.  Many will be upgrading a phone they just purchased one or two years ago.  Only to feel the need to upgrade again in another 2 years when the "newest, latest and greatest" phone comes out!  $1000 for a product that might last 2 years!!  For that price, they can make an investment in in family photography that will last for 5 - 10 TIMES that amount!  Family heirloom portraits, wall art, albums, PRINTED and HUNG UP for display!  Take the time and find a Professional Photographer who will work with you from start to finish.  Don't settle for digital images that might or might not get printed.  Invest in YOUR FAMILY and don't let your heritage become lost in "The Cloud."



Take the time and find a Professional Photographer who will work with you from start to finish.  Create BIG & BEAUTIFUL artwork that you will enjoy day after day, year after year.  Make your friend and family JEALOUS with the artwork you display.  Don't settle for digital images that might or might not get printed.  Invest in YOUR FAMILY and don't let your heritage become lost in "The Cloud."  Bring the "Cloud" to your walls!  In 15 or 20 years your art will be worth so much more than money can buy.  


Special Thanks to Missy Mwac for allowing me to use her Facebook post as inspiration for my blog post.



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