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Authenticity Builds Clients

Grow YOUR brand by being YOU

Personal Branding Photography

Your basic headshot stinks, so let's ditch it!

Event pictures

Today's clients are more demanding. 

They want to see authentic images.

They want to see the face of your brand.

They want to know your values.

What your life is like, if they can connect with you.

They want to be a part of your life,  join in your conversations, follow you.

Your clients want to know the real person behind your brand

Social media makes it so easy to connect and engage with customers and business owners.

Your outdated headshot tells a story. Is it the story you want to tell?

You need images that show who your ARE and what you STAND for.

You need updated images for social media posting, website updates, and marketing materials.


And you need them more frequently than you realize.


YOU are a professional. Your business is PROFESSIONAL.

Your images should be too.

Allow me to join your team as your personal brand photographer.


You already outsource plenty of business needs - banking, accounting, sales. Let me take away your photography needs as well.

Imaging having up to 3 month's worth of images at your fingertips all at once!

Together, we will plan 4 photo sessions throughout the year, all designed to give you what you need

I will be available for you and can come to your house, your workplace, events, even vacation spots, to get those images that you want to use to better connect you and your clients.

If you are not the type of person who likes having your photo taken, I set everything up to be as natural as possible.

Spaces are limited as I am only taking on a small group off clients

I am only accepting 8 full time branding clients.

This allows for a more customized client experience.

I can devote more time to learning YOUR brand...

Developing a better relationship with YOU...

Discovering better ways to brand YOUR image...

If I only have to concentrate on a few clients every year.

Prices start at $10,000 per year.


Are ready to take your business to the next level?

If you are, then Let's Do This! Here's how...

1. Contact Me

This is the no-brainer!

Click the button, you know you want to! Just do it!

2. I will Reply!

Seriously, I will! I hate being ghosted as well as the next person. 

3. We'll Meet

We will get together for lunch/coffee/doughnuts and go through the details of the program.

4. Sign Contract

Once we decide to work together, we will make everything official and plan your first photo session!

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