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Okay, you've made it this far!  You have seen my images, taken a gander at my products, and learned a little bit about who I am and what we can accomplish together.  That's great!  Now comes the meat and potatoes.  My investment page is the #1 page people visit on my website, and with good reason.  Just like an upscale restaurant, you would like to take a look at the menu and see what all this is going to cost.  This is where the hard part starts for me.

The most difficult part for me at this point is "How do I convey the true value of your experience?  How can I show you and make you understand just how much you will love seeing your pictures brought to life on your walls in sizes you never knew existed before?  How can you understand that seeing your pictures in a custom build slideshow at your viewing appointment will make you cry and fall in love with your family all over again?"

How can I convey the feeling of a luxury album in your hands as you open it for the first time and see your family brought to life on the thick lay-flat pages?  Of describe how you will feel when you walk into your living room and see your high school senior's wall gallery hung next to your family portraits?  Some things simply can't be communicated on one website or with printed words.  They must be expressed in person, and that is why I believe hiring me for your photography needs is a wise investment.

For now, we can start with how much things cost to start out:

Portrait sessions start at $150.  Every session is customized for all my clients.  This ensures that you have the photo session that YOU are looking for.  By customizing your photo experience, you are guaranteed to have images that you will love and want to display on your wall, in an album, or anywhere you can fit a print. 

Wedding packages start at $500 for a simple ceremony and portrait session, and are customized based on how much coverage you are looking for.  We can also bundle your session with beautiful heirloom albums and wall galleries so you can enjoy your photos for a lifetime and pass them down to you children and grandchildren.

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